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General Ice Rules

All skaters are to skate on the sessions in which they registered. Missed time cannot be made up on other sessions.


Respect the rights of other skaters. Be constantly aware of who is around you. Strive to avoid collisions. 

The skater who is "on program" (whose solo music is playing) must be given the right of way by the other skaters who are better able to stop quickly and see the oncoming skater. Always yield to "on program" skaters.

Ice Areas/Corners

Lutz corners are where skaters practice jumps. Centre ice is where skaters practice spins. These are not areas where you hang out.

Don’t Stand Around

Refrain from standing around and visiting on the ice. This wastes ice time and is a hazard for other skaters to avoid. If you must stand, go to the boards. You may be asked to leave the ice if you are standing more than you are skating.

Falls and Injuries

If you should fall, GET UP QUICKLY!  Remember other skaters will have a much harder time seeing you when you are down low on the ice. Learn to fall properly so you can protect your head as much as possible. Keep your fingers away from your blades and keep “loose” when falling to avoid body injuries.

* If you see someone fall get a professional coach immediately.  They are certified in first aid. If there is a possibility of a concussion, report it to a coach or club board member immediately. Rowan’s Law Protocols must be followed.


CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for all PreCanSkate, CanSkate and Adult CanSkaters up to and including Stage 5. Skaters should wear clothing that allows for safe movement on ice but that is NOT too baggy or long or has anything dangling that may cause serious injury to you or other skaters. 

Proper skating attire is to be worn on all StarSkate sessions. Blue jeans are not permitted. Long hair must be put up. Skaters must not skate while wearing headphones or earbuds.

Food/Drink/Cell Phones

Food, gum and cell phones are not permitted on the ice. Water may be consumed at the boards but not on the ice surface.

Entering and Leaving the Ice Surface

A professional coach or board member must be present prior to entering the ice surface on any session. Skaters must NOT enter the ice until certain that a coach or board member is present. Ask your coach for permission before leaving the ice during a session. Take all belongings with you at the end of the session.

Parents & Guests

Parents and guests are not allowed on the “player side” of the ice. Please stay in the stands or in the lobby area. Parents are not allowed on the ice surface. The club does not have insurance coverage for parents. If you need to speak with your child, get the attention of a coach or program assistant and they will get your skater. If you must speak with your skater’s coach, try to meet with them between sessions so as not to distract from another skater who is receiving a lesson. Parents are encouraged to watch from the stands rather than standing along the boards.

Dressing Rooms

Skaters must make use of the dressing rooms and should enter and exit from the “public side” of the ice. Respect the girls and boys dressing rooms. We have asked for a “family” dressing room to accommodate Dads & Daughters and Moms & Sons.


Skaters are not to enter the ice when the Zamboni doors are open. Please wait until the doors are closed before stepping onto the ice. All other access doors to the ice surface must remain closed for the safety of the skaters and spectators.

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