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Accessibility and Inclusion Policies - updated Spring 2022


Accessibility Policy 

The Chatham Skating Club recognizes that barriers may exist for persons with a disability to access our services. Disabilities are not necessarily apparent and can include but are not limited to vision and/or hearing loss, intellectual, learning, or developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities, physical disabilities or disabilities affecting mobility, as well as speech or language disabilities. It is the goal of CSC to be positive in our interactions with persons with a disability, and to be conscious of the needs of individuals and respective of the ways they wish to communicate with us.

Some information and suggestions:

  • CSC permits support persons to accompany persons with a disability to all public areas and does not charge admission to support persons for programs or events. Always speak to the person, not the support person.
  • CSC permits and supports the use of assistive devices (e.g., monocular, pointing device, walkers, etc.). We will not move assistive devices without permission, and if moved out of the way, the person will know how to access it.
  • CSC allows service animals in all areas for all forms of disabilities that require service animals. If you are unsure if the animal is a pet or a working animal, ask the owner. They should have a letter of permission from their doctor or similar person if the animal has no identifying markings. Do not interact with working service animals without the owner’s permission.
  • Ask before you help. People with disabilities often have their own way of doing things.
  • Be flexible and adaptive with communications. For example, for persons with visual impairments, we will provide materials in alternative formats such as large print or verbally. If the person is using a hearing aid, we will reduce background noise or move to a quieter area.
  • Provide time for persons with speech or language impairments to get their point across. For persons with intellectual impairments, use plain language, and be prepared to explain and review. Do not assume that a person with speech difficulties necessarily has another disability.
  • If a person is having difficulty accessing CSC’s services:
    • o Ask, “How may I help you?” or solicit suggestions
    • o Be flexible
    • o Offer communication alternatives, such as pen and paper
    • o Confirm that the person’s needs are met 
  • When in doubt, put yourself in the shoes of the person with a disability and try to identify the best way to eliminate barriers to our services in a manner that is both respectful and maintains dignity.

Those who wish to provide feedback on the way CSC provides goods and services to people with disabilities can e-mail or send a letter to the address posted on our website. All feedback, including complaints, will be directed to the President. 

Inclusion Policy 

Sport plays a major role in promoting the inclusion of all groups in society. The Chatham Skating Club is committed to the achievement of sport equity and equal opportunity, including the establishment and maintenance of an environment whereby all registrants have the opportunity to contribute to the sport to their maximum potential. The purpose of this Inclusion Policy is to set consistent and appropriate expectations for volunteers, staff and contractors. 


To promote and support inclusivity, CSC will strive to:

·  Encourage participation at all levels and in all areas of the sport for populations that are traditionally underrepresented

·  Increase the diversity of individuals involved with skating to help bring new ideas, support growth in participation, increase the fan base, and expand the number of qualified personnel to serve as volunteers 

·  Ensure the mix of volunteer leaders on the Board and committees reflects the diversity of the larger skating community

·  Contribute to raising awareness and understanding of equity and inclusion amongst our membership 

·  Share local/provincial/national/international successes related to inclusion in order to provide ideas and motivation for others 

It is the responsibility of all CSC stakeholders to uphold the principles of inclusion in our activities and interactions and identify any opportunities or gaps in the implementation of this policy.